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Ships Parts Forwarding abroad.
Have you experienced with?

・Extreme expenses charged afterward.
・Too much worry whether safe on board at desitination.
・When re-shipment to next destination is required due to ship's schedule change, you may face big difficulties and may be required advance payment for it's expenses.
・Dual, Triple expenses inccured because each suppliers and manufacuturers make shipments individualy.
・Contents of cargo should not be known by anyone else.


By our company・・・

・Not only forwarding abroad, but delivery on board at destination to be undertaken.
・Delivery expenses of heavy cargo is to be quoted beforehand.
・Confirmation of delivery on board to be given.
・Any information, instruction and message for ships are to be brought together with cargoes if any.
・Off loading and re-shipment are undertaken when delivery if required.
・Free storage for certain period. (except heavy and sizable cargo.)

Service flow

Step01Order request

Step02Order / Dispatch request

Step03Cargo carrying Step04Dispatch Step05Delivery
- Order request.

[Owner] >> [Maker/Supplier]
  - Order from maker.
[Owner] >> [Fuji Transport]
  - Delivery Instruction.

- Delivery.
    [Fuji Transport] >> [Owner]
  - Ready Information.
    [Fuji Transport] >> [Maker/Supplier]
  - Press suppliers.

  [Fuji Transport] >> [FTC Network]
    - Dispatch.
  To Step 5
    [Fuji Transport] >> [Owner]
  - Intermediate Information.

  [FTC Network] >> [Ships]
    - Delivery.
    1. [Fuji Transport] >> [FTC Network]
  - Comfirmation of Delivery.
2. [Fuji Transport] >> [Owner]
  - Comfirmation of Delivery.
  [Fuji Transport] >> [Ships]
    - Delivery.

[Fuji Transport]:
  *Free warehousing.
  (exception of heavy item, long term.)

--- FTC Network ---
  Rotterdam, Singapore, Shanghai, Hongkong, Busan, Dubai, Houston, Cape Town, Rio de Janeiro

Other services

・To contact and confirm delivery time with makers on behalf of owners.
・Ready information.
・Order Trucking System FINe can provide you with status of your orders
on web site 24 hours.

・Documentation to be perfectly done by us.
・Shipment details to be given to your consignee immediately by our hand.
・Re-shipment to be done easily by our hand even sudden ship's schedule change.